I work with executives and managers in a variety of industries, with a preponderance of them in high-tech. I provide tools to enhance communication, management skills, career development, and a range of other areas. My background prior to coaching was in publishing, with Adobe, The Nature Conservancy, and other organizations (see About Me).

Since the fall of 2002 I've spent part of my time at the University of Washington, coaching regular and Executive MBA students at the business school's career services office. I've also delivered workshops on my best coaching practices, and served on panels at functions for executive-level students.

Although I try to avoid getting too wrapped up in any particular management theory, often I find myself focusing on constructive communication and on what I call the Shadow Job -- the job of fostering good relationships so as to be able to do the "real" job more effectively. I run into a lot of talented people who dismiss the importance of the Shadow Job, to their own detriment (see Resources).

I offer:

  • Individual and executive coaching.
  • Brief, highly focused management training workshops targeted to a company's culture and needs, aimed at giving managers maximum help with minimal time investment.
  • A combination of management training and high-level enhancement that includes both workshops and follow-up coaching.
  • Company-housed websites with reference materials as reinforcement for workshops.
  • Outplacement consultation and services.

To arrange a free initial discussion, contact me.