What Clients Say

Here is what some of my clients say about me . . .

I didn't have faith, but Karen did. With her encouragement and wisdom, she has helped me further refine and embrace my leadership skills as well as helping me gain insight into "where I really want to be." I know where that place is now and I am fulfilling my current commitment, knowing that I am in control of what lies ahead. Her style is one of listening and reading between the words. She is encouraging, yet truthful -- truly one who finds hidden talents and ambitions.
L.K., software executive

Karen was able to help me through a very difficult time in my life when I was in the middle of a divorce and changing careers. Her gentle insight was supportive in a personally empowering way that never got in the way of the work I needed to do. I credit our work together with my ability to navigate successfully by far the most complicated and personally stressful time of my entire life. As a result, I have not hesitated to recommend Karen enthusiastically to my closest friends who are ready to effect real, meaningful and needed changes in their lives.
B.T., applications software developer

In only three months after hiring Karen, I walked away from an unfulfilling career and into a terrific job I truly wanted and deserved. This is the best thing I've done for myself in years!
S.N., artist representative

Karenís keen ear and wise ways led me to take responsibility for my own future. As with any great coach, she helped me to recognize my talents and then guided me to embrace them. I like to think of Karen as my career archeologist. First, she helped me dig up long-forgotten dreams. Then, she empowered me to make them come true.
L.B., writer for Web and film

Karen is a terrific coach. I would not be where I am now, in a career that Iíve always wanted, in a job that rewards me, without her acuity, intellect, and relentless good cheer.
M.S., Web producer and Internet entrepreneur

Karen helped me focus my interests and energies with her honest, supportive and right-on-target coaching style. She enabled me to break through the mental barriers that kept me from really doing what I wanted to do professionally. Since I've been working with Karen, I've opened my own (successful!) consulting practice, written three books, and accomplished a number of financial goals I set for myself.
B.B., e-learning consultant

Karen has great insight into what makes people tick. She has caused me to think about things I hadnít considered to be part of my plan, but turned out to be instrumental in getting me on track -- and keeping me there. Karen listens. And listens. And when she is done listening, she has said a lot.
D.C., graphic design business owner

My time spent with Karen was so valuable to me and my career. She was supportive during personal times of crisis in addition to professional ones. After I resigned from a position I was very unhappy in, my self-confidence was very low. My discussions with Karen helped me to see that I knew how to handle various work situations -- I just had to trust myself. Even now, months after my time with Karen, I still hear her advice and encouragement supporting me.
K.W., program manager

Hiring Karen as a coach was instrumental in my successful exit from a long-term employer. She was insightful, objective and helped focus me in a productive manner. I gained knowledge of myself and developed new skill sets for personal interaction.

My work with Karen has enabled me to discover my true vocation and to begin to make it a reality. Karen is always positive and encouraging, and working with her has been a true joy.
R.N., direct marketing consultant and cooking teacher